This Month’s Beat: Elaine

For This Month’s Beat, let’s get to know singer-songwriter Elaine. You’re probably asking who Elaine is, but if you are a huge fan of the hit K-drama tVN series It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, you probably know that her song “Wake Up” is the series’ OST!

First of all, Elaine is definitely born to be an musician.

She had her debut in 2015 with “Won’t You Stay” under Hunus Entertainment. Three years later, she released her first studio album “1.” The album is a compilation of her self-composed songs since she was 17. And boy, the songs are superb!

Elaine’s voice is just truly mesmerizing, beautiful enough to make you feel a mixture of serenity, sadness, and happiness. She combines her soothing yet tingling voice with impressive and moving lyrics. Emotions freely flow out of her songs to its listener’s soul.

One of her songs that would be a wonderful starter if you want to listen to her is “1 to 2” from the “1” album.


Last January, Elaine also joined the Korean variety show “I Can See Your Voice” and she made her talent blow everyone’s minds!

Get to know her more through her songs! She has also been a part of other K-Drama OSTs like “Vagabond,” “A Piece of Your Mind,” and “Mr. Sunshine.”

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