WATCH: Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Tries Filipino Snacks

As promised in her radio show Sound K, Ladies’ Code’s Ashley posted a video of her trying Filipino snacks. 

A Filipino Lavely sent Ashley a box of Filipino snacks, and due to the many options she was given, Ashley invited her friends, Youtubers joanday and soobeanie_ to join her in trying them out. 

As they were deciding on what to choose, Ashley decided to go for Golden Sweet Corn. Ashley confessed to liking corn-flavored stuff as she explained her choice. Meanwhile her friends chose the Sour Cream and Onion Piattos and the Cheese and Onion Bread Pan.

Next was a shrimp chip showdown as they opted to try the Oishi Prawn Crackers in Sweet & Extra Hot Flavor and the Tempura chips. 

Then, they tried the Oishi Fish Crackers, Chicharon ni Mang Juan, and Funky French Fry Snax in Spaghetti Flavor. While they eat, both Ashley’s friends explain to her some of the Filipino slang they have likely picked up from Filipino YouTubers they follow, such as “pak” and “G”. As they try all three, they all observe that the Funky French Fry Snax reminds them of a pizza-flavored Korean snack. 

Ashley and her friends moved on to the sweeter snacks such as the milk-flavored Knick Knacks, as well as Cloud 9 and Chocomucho chocolate bars. 

After trying all the snacks, Ashley and her friends then chose their favorites. 

Check out which snacks Ashley chose as her favorites in the video: 

Do you agree with Ashley’s top picks? What other Filipino food do you think Ashley should try? 

Catch Ashley on Arirang’s Sound K every day at 8PM – 10 PM KST (7PM – 9PM PST). She also has her own YouTube channel, where she has an ongoing Adulting Series. She is also part of the DIVE STUDIOS podcast “Get Real” with KARD’s BM and BTOB’s Peniel.

Clara Palma
A frustrated supermodel/ballerina/novelist who lists Super Junior, EXO, and Infinite as some of her favorite groups, Clara’s first exposure to all things Korean was through K-dramas Lovers in Paris and Goong. She is willing to talk about fashion, beauty, dance, books, all things baduy, and figure skating over a cup of tea. She co-runs a figure skating blog You Only Lutz Once with fellow KStreet contributor Bea. Check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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