10 times K-Pop idols shared our love for Ben&Ben

Since their early days in the OPM scene, we’ve always loved the sound of Ben&Ben. But it’s nice to note that their music doesn’t only impress us Filipinos but also foreigners, including our favorite K-Pop idols. By now, we’ve heard about many Korean stars listening to the nine-piece OPM band. This is also thanks to the suggestions by Filipino fans. Truly, music is universal.

Here are 10 times that our love for Ben&Ben crossed over with our love for K-Pop.

1. The Boyz listens to Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben expressed their “kilig” when they found out The Boyz knows one of their hit songs, Maybe The Night. The Boyz posted the translation of the lyrics, saying they recently discovered the song.

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2. Cha Eunwoo covers Ben&Ben’s ‘Kathang Isip’

Cha Eunwoo treated his Filipino fans with a heart-felt cover of Kathang Isip for his 1st Asia Fan Meeting Just One 10 Minute. This received a positive response from Ben&Ben, who said they would like to have a studio version!

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3. NCT’s never-ending love for Ben&Ben

TBS eFM 101.3’s show “Akdong Seoul” played Leaves─all thanks to a Filipino NCTzen who requested the song to Chenle when he went in as a substitute DJ for Renjun.

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A few months later, Renjun played Godsent on the same radio show and described it as a nice song.

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Mark also played the song on his voice-only broadcast and even sang a bit of Leaves.

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4. Red Velvet’s Wendy thinks Ben&Ben’s voice is beautiful

…And we totally agree! Wendy gave the band a listen after a Pinoy ReVeluv’s suggestion on Lysn.

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5. TWICE’s Momo adds to the list of idols who like ‘Leaves’

TWICE’s Momo praised Filipino Onces for their good taste in music after recommending Leaves during a VLive broadcast. 

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6 | DAY6’s YoungK says Leaves is “amazing”

This statement, coming from another amazing band? Sign us up! YoungK said he checked some of Ben&Ben’s songs and liked Leaves.

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7. GOT7’s Bambam wants to know more about Ben&Ben

Bambam for Ben&Ben? That’s a resounding yes! On a VLive broadcast, the GOT7 member said he would add Leaves to his playlist after suggestions from Pinoy Ahgases.

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8. Korean guitarist Sungha Jung covers Ben&Ben

The Ben&Ben fever in Korea did not only spread among K-Pop idols─even YouTube star Sungha Jung played Leaves on his guitar! Ben&Ben members who look up to Sungha Jung as their childhood hero were especially thrilled about this.

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9. Ben&Ben takes over Melon top trends

The search terms “Ben&Ben”, “Leaves”, “ben and ben”, and “Ben&ben leaves” took the #1, #2, #3, #6, and #7 spots respectively on the Korean music portal in July this year. Fans believe this was influenced by DAY6’s YoungK and NCT’s Mark who both mentioned the band and the song on their separate VLive broadcast that day. 

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10. Ben&Ben covers our favorite K-Pop groups

Following the launch of their YouTube channel, Ben&Ben promised to cover K-Pop songs if their subscriber count reaches 1 million, and fans of both the band and K-Pop made sure this will happen.

And it did happen! We heard Ben&Ben sing NCT Dream’s “Beautiful Time,” Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy,” DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful,” and TWICE’s “Feel Special” on the first episode of their channel BBTV.

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The band did not stop there. Ben&Ben also put their personal touch on “Home” by SEVENTEEN, “Not By The Moon” by GOT7, “Baby Don’t Cry” by EXO, “Reveal” by The Boyz, “Eight” by IU, and “Dynamite” by BTS on BBTV’s episode 5.

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We are all surely looking forward to more interactions between Ben&Ben and K-Pop! Which is your favorite Ben&Ben x K-Pop moment? Share with us in the comments!

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