The Bar called out for “identical” CF with MOMOLAND Jooe’s Tropicana

Some fans are calling out local gin brand The Bar when it released a commercial that is strikingly similar to MOMOLAND Jooe’s Tropicana CF.

The Bar recently launched their Fruity Mix variant, releasing a video commercial for it on October 7.

Although it only featured two fruit flavors, the commercial seemed to have taken quite a huge inspiration from Korea’s Tropicana commercial featuring MOMOLAND member Jooe.

Some have pointed out the “identical” elements in both commercials, wondering if plagiarism has been committed. Check out the Jooe’s Tropicana CF below.

Dan Gambe
Dan is born in the 90’s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lies between 80 to 90 per cent, but he’ll speak to you if you speak to him so don’t be shy!

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