15 Super Junior quotes that seem fake but aren’t

It’s been fifteen years since Super Junior debuted with Twins (Knock Out). Cliché as it may sound, but time really flies so fast. It felt like it was just yesterday when we celebrated their tenth anniversary but look, they’re now on the road to their twentieth.

More than their songs and performances, the group is best known for their variety skills. Any show that they appear on is guaranteed to be funny and no boring moments. Over the years, Super Junior has given us quotes that are surely funny and memorable. But sometimes, they seem so funny that we think it’s something that they’ll never say on broadcast or even in their daily lives. As a tribute to their 15th anniversary, we have compiled some of the things Super Junior members have actually said on broadcast.

“Since I was young, I’ve been saying that idiocy is beautiful.”

Who said it: Heechul

Yes, he actually said it.

“Can I please be in a normal outfit?”

Who said it: Shindong

You know you’ve been active in the industry for too long when hard-to-understand outfits are becoming part of your wardrobe.

“His foot smell danger.”

Who said it: Sungmin

That’s not even close to the actual sentence, Sungmin.

“I don’t easy.”

Who said it: Kangin

When you don’t want them to think you’re marupok.

“Don’t play this song!”

Who said it: Shindong, Donghae

But it’s your song, sir.

“What is this?”

Who said it: Donghae

When your discography is so long that you fail to recognize one of your own songs.

“He’s taking too long to s***.”

Who said it: Eunhyuk

That’s TMI.

“I collected bugs.”

Who said it: Yesung

When you’re not athletic but want to show off. Weird flex, by the way.

“I collect cars. I do it everyday.”

Who said it: Eunhyuk

Another flex.

“Ryeowook isn’t in the group chat.”

Who said it: Leeteuk

(They explained that he doesn’t have the app.)

“I can just go to prison once.”

Who said it: Heechul

Heechul just wants to skip promotions and still earn money.

“I like your image as a disloyal, backstabbing subject!”

Who said it: Kyuhyun

He even wants his hyung to retain that “image”.

“Let’s use Siwon’s card as the company card.”

Who said it: Eunhyuk

When you have a super rich friend.

“Aren’t you Super Junior?!”

Who said it: Heechul, Yesung, Shindong

Sometimes a member does something that is so not Super Junior that it makes their fellow members question them if they’re really part of the group.

“Super Junior? I hate them.”

Who said it: Kibum

Because no one hates Super Junior as much as Super Junior members do. Obviously they’re kidding.

Gold as these quotes may seem but these are just the tip of the chaotic Super Junior iceberg. Whether you’re a baby ELF or a tito/tita fan, watching their shows is definitely enjoyable and very much worth your time.

Happy anniversary, Super Junior! Congratulations on your 15th year in the industry. May the group last even longer.

Clara Palma and Nina Panganiban contributed to this article.

Irish Valdez
Irish is a 20-something fangirl who still dreams of receiving a letter from a famous magic school or becoming a pilot of a giant robot. She also believes that milk tea and pudding are a perfect combination. When not spazzing over her favorite KPop groups or writing articles, Irish is watching anime, or reading books. You can check out her Tumblr!

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