I used Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask for a month to try to get #GlassSkin

As a skincare enthusiast, it’s always exciting to hear about advancements in the science of skincare and discovering new technology related to skincare. And while I’ve been aware of LED Light treatments before, It has always felt exclusively for celebrities or anyone that can afford the luxury of weekly treatments at the dermatologist clinic.

For those of us that haven’t heard of the treatment before, LED, or light-emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red and blue. The history of light therapy dates back several decades ago with NASA originally developing the technology for plant growth experiments. Now light therapy is a common practice for dermatologists and aestheticians to treat skin concerns after facials such as post-treatment inflammation, as well as minimize breakouts and boost the skin’s overall health. Unlike UV light rays, LED light is virtually harmless to our skin.

And while most LED light treatments were administered in-office, at-home LED masks are beginning to rise in popularity, and are being touted by Korea’s hottest stars.

But what exactly does LED Light therapy do?

Most LED masks emit visible wavelengths of blue to red light. Blue light is ideal for targeting acne-causing bacteria known as Cutibacterium acnes. It may also reduce activity in our sebaceous glands which in turn lessen the amount of oil production in our pores that cause acne.

Red light, on the other hand, is believed to act on cells in our skin, which aid in the production of collagen, a vital protein that helps our skin recover. In theory, red light could help to reverse some photoaging signs in our skin.

There have been advancements in LED light therapy, with different wavelengths or colors providing other skin benefits such as yellow, green, cyan, and white light.

Love K-Derma LED Light Mask

Which is why I was so elated about the launch of Love K-Derma, a new skincare brand in the Philippines, providing state of the art facial care gadgets and a skincare line that will help elevate every skincare enthusiast and beauty junkee achieve their glass skin goals.

Love K-Derma’s flagship product is the LED Light Mask. The mask is designed to encapsulate intensive light therapy for deeper penetration and maximum effect on the skin, which will help achieve that sought after youthful and healthy glow. The device comes with 420 LED multi-colored lights combined with 7 color treatment that targets skin concerns, helps combat all signs of aging, clears blemishes, and reduces pigmentation.

And I got to test it out for a month, along with the Love K-Derma Glass Skin Activating Gel, a potent gel packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen meant to be used before the LED Light Mask; and the Gold Glow Serum, a smoothening, depigmenting, anti-aging serum containing actual real gold, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. This is meant to be used after and boosts the treatment by brightening and restoring elasticity to the skin.

So what did I get out of using it for a month?

After doing a little bit of research on the matter, I was unsure if I was going to see any results, as most sources cited at-home masks having less on an effect than going to the clinic for in-person treatment. One article even said that in order to get the same result as going to a dermatologist, you’d have to use an LED light mask three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. With visible results after 4-8 weeks of regular use.

But with Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask, you can give yourself DAILY light therapy, 10 minutes a day. So I decided to try it for a month, here’s how it went down…

What I did:

Incorporated the Love K-Derma LED Mask into my nightly skincare routine. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Cleanser
  2. First Treatment Essence
  3. pH Balancing Toner
  4. AHA Serum (twice a week)
  5. Pore Minimizing Toner
  6. Love K-Derma Glass Skin Activating Gel
  7. Love K-Derma LED Light Mask on White Light mode for 10 minutes
  8. Love K-Derma Gold Glow Serum
  9. Eye and Lip Cream
  10. Sleeping Mask

Other variables to consider: I was not doing my regular workouts at the time, nor was my diet particularly healthy; also I was in the middle of a particularly stressful, month-long moving-out process; also, pandemic.

My skin profile: oily-dehydrated, large pores, prone to blackheads, prone to allergic flareups due to rosacea.

Initial use:

The fragrance for the Glass Skin Activating Gel was quite mild but pleasant. The application was smooth and didn’t require much effort to be distributed evenly on my face and neck. I didn’t feel any discomfort and the gel felt very hydrating and not sticky.

The LED Light mask itself was very simple to use. The main power source reminded me of the dongle on a Wiimote and it was very similar in terms of simplicity. There were two buttons, one to power on the device, and one to change light modes. Four small LED lights indicated how much time elapsed and what color mode I was using.

Rechargeable remote for LED Light Mask

I loved the calming instructional voice that told me when my treatment was starting, how much longer I had left, and when my treatment was over. It definitely felt luxurious and relaxing. Another cool feature was the mask being motion controlled to sense when the mask was being worn or not. The LED lights would not turn on if you weren’t wearing it, and the treatment would pause in between if you needed to take it off. The goggles felt comfortable and the mask itself was pretty lightweight. When wearing I totally felt like some version of a Storm Trooper.

One step closer to becoming kawaii Daft Punk

I opted to use the white light mode on the mask because I didn’t have any particular skin concerns that needed addressing, and my theory was that since it was a combination of all colors (red, blue, and cyan) it would have the benefits of each color. The handy manual that came with the mask also stated that the threefold frequency light being emitted would reach deeper layers of the skin, promote the metabolism of active tissues, decompose stains, and improve fine skin problems. Big claims which I hope I would see results from.

Inside of Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask

After 10 minutes I removed the mask and definitely saw a glow that was unlike when I would do my normal routine. It didn’t feel heavy or oily and my face did not feel sticky. I also felt that my skin was plumper. As a side note, I had red impressions on my face from the goggles which was probably an effect of the weight of the mask on my face. This went away after a couple of minutes so it wasn’t a big deal.

The serum only seemed to boost the hydration and glow on my skin and didn’t feel heavy either. It seemed to work well with my current skincare routine and I had no immediate negative reaction to the skincare. Things were looking up!

I was shocked to see how good my skin looked the next day. After washing my face and splashing on some toner, my skin looked healthy and radiant, not quite the same as when I would do my normal routine without the Love K-Derma process. It was especially glowy. I was pretty motivated to continue using the set and see how good my skin could get.

After first use

1st Week:

I noticed that my skin had a visible glow to it, not induced by sebum production or oil from my skin, and I didn’t get as oily as I normally would throughout the day. My overall complexion seemed to even out by the end of the week as well, although some pigmentation and dark spots didn’t change. I’m just glad I didn’t have a breakout from the new products or allergic reactions due to my rosacea.

1st Week Result Photo, No Makeup

2nd Week:

This was a particularly stressful week for me, my sleep schedule was wrecked. I had abandoned my normal skincare in favor of just using cleanser, toner, and the Love K-Derma set. Normally under this much stress, I’d experience pretty bad breakouts around the center of my face or near my mouth. Surprisingly, I only had one lone pimple surface. Not only that, my skin was as soft as ever, and didn’t feel dehydrated regardless of how much coffee I drank that week.

2nd Week Result Photo, No Makeup, Skin pigmentations on cheek and redness around nose

3rd Week:

Did I say last week was stressful? This was worse. I had abandoned my skincare routine in favor of planning, packing, and moving. I managed to use the LED light mask thrice this week, fitting it during the day when I had a couple of minutes of downtime. I did feel that when I didn’t do my skincare my skin began to dull and I experienced some mild flaking in my T-Zone, but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be considering my current situation. In fact, I was expecting a full-on rosacea breakout from the stress, but I was pretty much in the clear.

(No photo results this week as I had completely forgotten to take photo evidence of my skin’s deterioration due to stress and lack of healthy living.)

4th Week

Stress levels were going down and I was slowly settling in my new place and returning to a normal routine. I had gone back to my normal skincare and back to using the set regularly. My skin was starting to return to its normal glow from week one and the one pimple I got that week had already disappeared by the end of the week.

Final Week Result Photo, no face makeup except eyebrows, lip tint, and mascara


I feel that my test run of the Love K-Derma LED Light Mask was probably a very extreme case of stress paired with lack of sleep, lack of proper diet/exercise, and insufficient skincare routine towards the end. With that in mind, I feel like the products from Love K-Derma did play a big role in keeping my skin in check throughout the whole month. I didn’t see a major difference in my skin’s overall health and I think that’s a good thing because let’s face it, it could have been MUCH worse. I would really like to try and see what my results would be on a month that is less hectic, and I’d like to test the Gold Glow serum without the LED mask to see if I would achieve similar results.

What I did enjoy about the mask is that it gave me a sense of calm, for 10 minutes I could just relax and indulge in a little self-care during a particularly stressful month. I loved seeing my skin glow once the treatment was over and I liked the benefits of the products including manageable oil production on my face, overall brightening, and a subtle glow that even my friends began to notice through our online video calls. I liked how my makeup looked throughout the day when regularly using the mask. I felt that my makeup just went on better than usual.

Do I think it’s worth it? It’s definitely a splurge, but if you’re looking to level up your at-home skincare experience, you should look into Love K-Derma’s LED Light Therapy line. I also think that Love K-Derma’s skincare line is worth checking out, they’re aesthetically pleasing and seem to do the job well, based on my experience. It’s an investment that is much cheaper than weekly light therapy appointments at the dermatologist. It could also be a great supplement to your weekly appointments and a great relaxing treatment you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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