Kmall Philippines to launch new K-Beauty show “K-Beauty On”

Kmall Philippines is launching a new K-Beauty series and campaign to promote brand awareness of Kmall and present K-beauty to the local scene!

Called “K-Beauty On“, the premieres one November 23 and will air until November 27 on Kmall Philippines’ YouTube and Facebook Page every 8PM.

With the rising popularity of Korean beauty, stylized as “K-Beauty” globally, there has been an increasing demand for the know-hows of this beauty concept and consequently, the demand for Korean products as well. K-Beauty is known for promoting the natural aesthetic focusing on long skin care routines to achieve a “glass look” to makeup styles. This makeup style enables one to achieve a fresh and youthful look through minimal application. Being presented in a totally different way as compared to the Western type, it succeeded in reaching mainstream beauty scene bringing a fresh and new concept to the global beauty lexicon.

What is K-Beauty On?

“K-Beauty On” is a project presented by Korean company Kmall, which is known to offer authentic Korean products to its customers across the globe. Kmall operates its own mall with product offerings ranging from K-beauty, K-food, K-fashion and K-pop goods. Kmall Philippines was established in 2017 and is one of the pioneers in the online sales and distribution of Korean products in the Philippines. Since its foundation, the company has expanded its collection to not just K-Beauty products, but K-fashion, K-food and K-pop merchandise as well. In particular, the “K-beauty On” event is collaboration with Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), to introduce cosmetic products from 11 Korean brands to the Philippine market.

“K-Beauty On” is a five-episode series discussing various beauty themes set to premiere on November 23 and will air until November 27. Each episode tackles individual topics about beauty answering different cosmetic concerns to sharing different tips to achieve a certain look. Famous models and influencers will participate in this event to talk about useful beauty-centered information and aside from that, there will be promotional activities such as surveys and discount to be shared to the viewers. The entire episode will run through a course of 45 minutes set as a talk show type guided by 2 influencer videos reviewing different K-beauty cosmetics from Kmall. Episode contents include makeup and skincare routines, Q&As, wear tests and new beauty routines and trends.

Make sure to tune in and follow Kmall Philippines’ official sites to witness “K-beauty On” starting the November 23 until November 27, 8PM PHT.

For updates, follow Kmall Philippines on their Facebook and YouTube. You may also visit their website Kmall Philippines to launch new K-Beauty show K-Beauty On.

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