Sharon Cuneta talks about SHINee and K-Pop on latest vlog

Megastar Sharon Cuneta dishes on her never-ending love for SHINee and K-Pop in the latest episode of her vlog, The Sharon Cuneta Show!

The singer-actress can be seen wearing her Jonghyun shirt, holding her SHINee lightstick, and surrounded by piles of her SHINee merchandise collection as she talks about the five-member South Korean boy band. 

Sharon notes Key first caught her eye, saying they could probably become best friends because they share the same sense of humor. 

She also talks about how Taemin moves differently in a way that is reminiscent of Michael Jackson. “He’s been dancing forever, so that’s what he really loves, which I guess explains why now he’s such a superstar now,” she says.

Ms Cuneta says Minho bowing to his mom in respect as a soldier touched her so much because she’s also a mother.

“I can be your momma here in the Philippines. I can be your momma Shawol,” she adds.

She says she always gets emotional when it comes to Jonghyun and that she misses him so much.

“Now it’s just the four of them that’s left, but forever they will be SHINee five,” Sharon says. 

The OPM icon even sings a few lines from SHINee’s 2013 hit, “Everybody.”

“Like I always say, there’s no age limit to what makes you happy, to loving what you love,” Tita Shawie says.

“I guess, for me, especially because I had my own show for so many years when I was in my twenties and thirties, and I did a lot of singing of all genres and a lot of dancing as well, so I appreciate the dancing and the singing, and that just doesn’t end… it doesn’t stop,” she says, explaining why she’s never too old to like K-Pop.

“But really, SHINee is good, no matter what age you are,” she adds.

Sharon says she would like to meet the members of SHINee just as she had met the members of another SM Entertainment group, NCT 127.

“I’m a proud Shawol, I’m a proud SHINee fan. I am not ashamed of it. I love it because they make me happy,” Tita Shawie says. 

Sharon also reads a letter from Onew’s local fanbase, Onew Philippines, who welcomed her into the SHINee World family and listed down the various community projects they accomplished in the name of SHINee and Onew.

“You see, fan clubs are not just fan clubs. They do a lot of good when they’re together,” she notes. She says they remind her of her own fan club, Sharonians. 

“Fans are not to be looked down on, ever,” she says.

Ms Cuneta also shows off her NCT 127, Park Bogum, and Hyun Bin merchandise. 

Watch the full episode here:

We are definitely happy to have the one and only Megastar with us here in the SHINee World!

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