Your fave K-Pop songs will return soon, Spotify and Kakao M say

Your favorite songs from IU, Epik High, LOONA, and more will soon return to Spotify.

Spotify and Kakao M released a joint agreement that the two parties have completed discussions on the global licensing renewal.

“Kakao Entertainment (formerly Kakao M) has concluded a contract agreement with Spotify for distribution of music and has decided to resume supplying music to global services including Korea. Through collaboration, we expect that it will be an opportunity for more music fans around the world to meet our artists and enjoy K-pop,” says Kakao M.

Spotify said, “Spotify is able to re-provide Kakao Entertainment (formerly Kakao M) artist’s music to fans around the world and more than 345 million Spotify listeners in 170 countries.”

“According to Spotify’s mission to connect artists with fans around the world and show users all the music from around the world, Korean listeners will also receive more than 70 million tracks and more than 4 billion playlists with the corresponding sound source. I am happy to be able to provide it.”

On March 1, 2021, the existing licensing agreement between Spotify and Kakao M expired, shocking fans worldwide to discover the songs of their favorite K-Pop artists can no longer be played on Spotify.

Cheska De Ocampo
Cheska considers herself a 24/7 writer as she writes professionally and voluntarily. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. Her Spotify playlist consists majority of GOT7, but she is willing to listen to other genres and artists.

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