Who We Are

KStreetManila is an all-volunteer, non-profit Korean pop culture and lifestyle site founded in 2009. It went on a massive overhaul and came back in 2015, all geared up again to bring the best of Manila’s Korean scene. With a stronger and better team, KStreetManila is more than ready to give the freshest news, features, and events that will surely make you love rediscovering the Seoul of Manila. What sets KStreetManila apart from other Korean pop media sites is our dedication to give you localized news and features that every Korean pop culture fan in the Philippines can relate to. We strive to deliver the best features that captures your interest for a more exciting fandom life!

Our Mission

Since the early 2000s, the Philippines has experienced a strong wave of Korean pop culture—the Hallyu Wave. It created a community that has evolved to become one of the country’s biggest subcultures influencing Filipino music and drama, fashion, cuisine, and lifestyle, among many other aspects of our multicultural society. As this community continues to grow, KStreetManila aims to provide a platform of learning and engagement. Our mission, therefore, is to:

  • 1. DELIVER the most important news, insights, and activities both in and out of Manila
  • 2. to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for Korean pop culture enthusiasts to further promote and appreciate their interests.

Our Vision

KStreetManila’s vision is to become the leading Manila-based entertainment and news website that would help promote Korean pop culture. Through localized news and features, we aim to help Filipinos connect better with the growing Korean influence in the country. To do this, KStreetManila shall focus on the following strategies:

  • 1. Expanding our reach through information and/or organization of Korean pop culture programs and events.
  • 2. Allowing and encouraging our audience to engage in those programs as well as in online and offline activities which include but are not limited to article contributions, forum discussions, and events volunteering and participation.
  • 3. Strengthening our network by forging partnerships with both local and international organizations.

Disclaimer Notice

The views and opinions expressed on this site are of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the overall stand of KStreetManila, their staff, or any of their partners. Contributors express their views individually. Their thoughts do not necessarily represent the views of all or any of the other contributors. Readers are free to challenge, approve, or disagree but KStreetManila has the right to delete any comment that is deemed abusive, profane, or rude. Nothing on this website should be taken as professional advice, formal recommendation and/or paid advertisement unless stated otherwise. Also, while the contents of the site are written and posted in good faith, there is no warranty that all presented information will be kept up to date.