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Tickets for BTS' Burn the Stage: The Movie are finally on sale at SM Cinemas! SM Cinema announced last November 13, Tuesday, on their official Facebook page that ARMYs can now avail their tickets at any SM mall nearby. https://www.facebook.com/SMCinema/posts/10156117752226859?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC_bTii9tzxmz1KMwxsO78xBRseR_9Ztw2Ph3e8XoWCWHQQbG0RncXH5F4av7VB89eWypVjzXh_oupqI129UVXZiwyfoBZtAC79CF3KZz2mKrU8RZrhbChzX5e_S-UILerS-dbFLr4BHKYNiHL7zZoUo0LL2WGV5sdw3EsYctCJuzFQXsaLB4tWtPtJ8VqMJN85Yja8lUKzqSV8hkwaWyF2LrGj3KRVi4QvfGIjsRgpX9AvlQzkb3LVl20i5U7pshWAhJWB2KxHoAdCBOKVeYrGP2FtMFwzVKH8ca69y9HKmD4MMR4m_QT-MRH9hHvtHdjOZmZd0OgY0kKtRYAN&__tn__=-R RELATED: SM Cinema to bring BTS feature film “Burn

After a successful concert at the MOA Arena last November 10, WINNER took to social media to express their appreciation to their Filipino fans. https://twitter.com/yg_winnercity/status/1061283306791043075 The group posted a video on their group Twitter account showing off the filled-up message board from Filipino Inner Circles. https://twitter.com/official_yoon_/status/1061282273599746049 Meanwhile, member Seungyoon