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This Month’s Beat: VICTON

They’ll be having their comeback tomorrow! Meet our Artist of the Month, VICTON!

To The Moon And Back: Tiffany Young Found Her Stars

Tiffany Young found her stars at the Open Hearts Eve Part 2 in Manila.

A Look at 12 of Tiffany Young’s Best Styles

We look at 12 of Tiffany Young’s best styles as a solo artist, proving how she slays the US pop scene.

Chapters of IU’s Love Poem

IU fell in love with Maenas and promised to be back soon.

Why You Should Watch Super Show 8 in Manila

In case you missed the news, Super Junior is coming back to Manila on December 15 for the eighth installment of their Super Show. However, some of you have probably made up your...

It’s A Beautiful Night with Jang Ki Yong

A deeper look at Jang Ki Yong's milestones as an artist.

VICTON includes Manila in their 1st Asia Tour

VICTON includes a Manila stop in their first Voice to Alice Asia Tour.

Jang Ki Yong Is Born To Kill It  

Do you want to know the how Jang Ki Yong steals the scene?

Nina Panganiban