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Sa mundo ng bawat fandom ay mayroong komunidad ng mga nagsusulat ng fan fiction. Ang pagsusulat ng fic ay naging isang mahalagang parte ng

As a way of gathering hype and showing support for the athletes competing in the NCAA, Mapua University held a pep rally on August

“Are you the Father? The Son? The Holy Spirit? Are you the Amen?” Kung familiar ka sa linyang ‘yan, malamang nakita mo na ang kaniyang

It’s finally August and that means it’s back to school for most of our university student friends! At dahil diyan, we came up with

On June 23, an all-girls Seventeen cover group emerged as one of the victors at the 2018 K-Pop Dance Cover Festival in Seoul. Daisy

Sold-out K-Pop concert tickets. The rise of K-Dramas. The virality of Gangnam Style, Nobody, and Bboom Boom. The popularity of groups such as BTS

K-Pop’s popularity has soared quickly in the recent years, and people from all over the world have finally discovered its top-class quality music and

First of all, I would like to say that these tips are based on personal experience. As someone who took  TOPIK for the first

You know this meme. At kung hindi mo pa alam, you're probably living under a rock (you can Google it and YouTube will be