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One of the many talents fans look for in a K-Pop group is dancing and while idols generally are good dancers, there are some

You know the drill—you watch a video, you like a group, you have your bias. But to some of us, it doesn’t necessarily just

Some of us have been warned, some were not. But we are all pretty sure that just as we entered the K-Pop fandom, the

Dance lessons with a K-Pop idol isn’t a common occurrence, so I grabbed the chance to learn a few moves from OFFROAD’s Habin When ShowBT

The K-Pop music scene is probably one of the fastest moving industries around the world. Artists have to know how to keep up with

As K-Pop fans, we have heard several stereotypes about us and K-pop in its entirety. This is why KStreetManila introduces a new series to break these

Time sure flies by so quickly. Cliché as it may sound but it really does. When you say 10 years ago, many (especially the

One of the many beautiful facts about the K-Pop industry is that it is a haven of visuals, and more often than not, it

As fans, we are here to genuinely support our favorite groups. We buy their albums, listen to their songs, attend their concerts, and vote