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Five Times We Were Charmed by ITZY

Honest confession – this writer immediately fell "in love" with ITZY. It was impossible not to – from their powerful stage presence to their eye-catching looks – it was difficult not to...

Why You Should Watch Super Show 8 in Manila

In case you missed the news, Super Junior is coming back to Manila on December 15 for the eighth installment of their Super Show. However, some of you have probably made up your...

5 Reasons Why You Need To Stan WINNER

Guess who'll be back in Manila? Yes, WINNER! And what better way to get ourselves hyped up for their return than to get to know these talented idols? The quartet, composed of leader...

Stanning Super Junior 101: A Tita’s Guide For Baby ELFs

Congratulations! So you have decided to be an Everlasting Friend (ELF). But, now that you’re part of the fandom, where to go from here? Are you overwhelmed with the huge amount of...

Daughter makes her Eunwoo-fan mom signboards for fan meet

We all know everyone got kilig when Cha Eunwoo serenaded his Pinoy fans with Ben&Ben's "Kathang Isip" during his fan meeting last Saturday, October 26, but there is also another sweet behind-the-scene...

10 moments that show Highlight is the BE(A)ST

Get ready for your tears as we take a trip down memory lane of K-Pop group Highlight, then known as BEAST, as they celebrate their tenth year in the industry!

IN PHOTOS: PH-KR friendship lives on at PhilKor 2019

The Philippines and Korea celebrated 70 years and beyond of friendship and traditions at the 28th Philippines-Korean Cultural Exchange Festival at Aliw Theater, Pasay City last September 28.

9 reasons to love MOMOLAND aside from Bboom Bboom

Unless you're living under a rock, you have definitely heard of MOMOLAND. The nine-member girl group is known by many Filipinos, non-Hallyu fans included, due to the 2018 hit song "Bboom Bboom."...

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A Platform Perfect for K-Pop Online Stores Is Now Here!

This is a press release. As several parts of the country were put under quarantine, many Filipinos began opening their businesses online not only to...

PH celebrities drawn toward Park Seo Joon’s charms in latest IG post

Filipino celebrities have proven that no one can resist Park Seo Joon’s charms.