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How BTS Saved 2020 With Their New Single “Dynamite”

Written by Ziara Clarisse Cruz BTS has yet again proven that music makes the world a better place through their latest single, Dynamite. On August 21, they dropped the single’s music video through...

7 Reasons to Look Forward to BTS’ Upcoming Single ‘Dynamite’

Written by Ziara Clarisse Cruz With just a few hours left until the release of BTS's new single 'Dynamite' worldwide, fans have been going loco, especially when the explosive teaser dropped last August...

This Month’s Beat: Vanilla Acoustic

This August, Vanilla Acoustic is KStreetManila’s artist of the month! Vanilla Acoustic is a duo composed of Vanilla Man and Sung Ah. Vanilla Man is the guitarist and producer, known to have produced...

SB19’s first album is the pick-me-up we all need in this quarantine

SB19’s first album showcases beloved songs and introduces us to relatively new tracks.

6 Red Velvet B-Sides You Should Add To Your K-Pop Playlist!

It's been six years since Red Velvet's debut, six years of the K-Pop industry getting blessed with talent, skills, and visuals! With two studio albums, two reissues, 11 EPs, and 22 singles, it's...

How synchronized is SB19? YouTuber’s AI finds out!

YouTuber techie_ray examines SB19’s synchronicity level through his computer program.

A Look at 2AM: The K-Pop Kings of Ballad

As they celebrate their 12th debut anniversary, we take a look at 2AM’s noteworthy ballads.

A Look at 10 of NCT 127’s Best B-Sides

On July 1, 2016, SM Entertainment introduced the second unit under the NCT umbrella. Called NCT 127, the numbers next to the group name represent the longitude coordinate of Seoul. This unit...

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