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One of the many beautiful facts about the K-Pop industry is that it is a haven of visuals, and more often than not, it

As fans, we are here to genuinely support our favorite groups. We buy their albums, listen to their songs, attend their concerts, and vote

Time flies so fast we were late to realize that some of the songs that introduced us to the K-Pop fandom are actually turning

Last March 2, Filipino K-pop fans were treated to an exciting concert—One K Global Peace Concert brought an excellent lineup of artists such as

Did you know that March is Women’s Month? Which means, ladies, it's our month! Well, every month should be our month, if you’d ask

First of all, I don't claim to be an expert of the Korean language. I still need subtitles when I watch my favorite Korean

To our faves’ eyes, we are all fans. (Technically not all fans are made equal. That is an issue for another day.) It’s always

For Korean pop culture enthusiasts, romanization is a crucial part of life. It makes our stay in the fandom essentially

First of all, we would like to congratulate The Philippine KPop Convention, Inc. for another successful year of Philippine KPop Convention. It was on