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NewKidd, J.FLO Entertainment’s newest promising rookie boy group, just officially debuted this year. While they may be new to your ear, they actually have

We’ve all dreamt at one point what it would be like to star alongside Seo Kang Jun in a romantic drama. I know I

BigHit Entertainment’s Newest boy group, TXT, has definitely been making their mark over the past few months. It doesn’t look like they’re going to

Looks like it, as Filipino IGOT7s were quick to spot actor James Reid wearing a hoodie from clothing brand, Represent, which collaborated with Mark

From the Nation’s Wink Boy to soloist Park Jihoon, the former Wanna One member has come a long way. Despite all these changes, there’s

This month, KStreetManila is kicking off a new monthly column called, Style Switch! Every month, we help you dress up like our Artist of

Got a Halloween party coming up and you still have no idea what to wear? Your fave K-Pop artists have you covered. With different

Who doesn’t want to feel like a K-drama leading lady? With handsome oppas vying for her affection and tons of romantic moments set against

Traveling has never been this easy and affordable – base air fares begin at zero pesos and travel hacks are made possible through the