It’s a brand-new year, and this usually means some K-Pop artists are planning to start 2019 with a bang. One of these artists is Chungha.

If you got to know K-Pop in 2009, you might find it hard to believe that it’s been a 10 solid years since you became

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and that means KStreetManila’s music curation team (we don’t have actually) is back with our annual

Many Shawols would remember the term "Onew-ache." It is when you like Onew so much your heart aches. And that is exactly how it is

The beloved leader of “The Nation’s Girl Group” Girls’ Generation, Kim Taeyeon, is coming to Manila to hold her concert “'s

South Korean R&B artist and multi-platinum songwriter DEAN will be back to perform for his Filipino REBELs at the New Frontier Theater (formerly KIA

It’s November, and as a K-Pop fan, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of group comebacks happening this month. But among these comebacks

Another new boy group to meet on October 28 at the MBC Music Show Champion in Manila! And while these boys are pretty much

Are you feeling the excitement that MBC Show Champion in Manila is just around the corner? We do, too! In just a few days,