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It’s November, and as a K-Pop fan, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of group comebacks happening this month. But among these comebacks

Another new boy group to meet on October 28 at the MBC Music Show Champion in Manila! And while these boys are pretty much

Are you feeling the excitement that MBC Show Champion in Manila is just around the corner? We do, too! In just a few days,

We’re days away from MBC Show Champion in Manila! And before the concert, it’s important that you get to know the artists who will

We now move on to the first of the boy groups who will be performing at MBC Show Champion! Other than EXO, most of these

We’re months away towards the end of 2018, and yet the K-Pop events happening in the country don’t seem to stop. One of the

One of the best things about DAY6 is that they compose their own songs. And a quick Google search would easily tell you how

Be it a breakup, an unrequited love, a lazy afternoon, or a particularly energetic mood, five-piece band DAY6 has the right song to hit

It’s almost the end of September, but for Filipino Carats, this means that SEVENTEEN will be coming soon for their Manila leg of IDEAL