In light of the Burning Sun controversy that has shaken not just the whole K-Pop fandom, but the entire country of South Korea, people

Unlike many Carats out there, my journey with SEVENTEEN began late in 2017, when my friends finally convinced me to watch One Fine Day.

The late 2000s saw the increased popularity of K-Pop in the local music scene. Not a day would pass by without hearing Wonder Girls’

Local fashion brand Penshoppe held a fancon (short for fan convention) for their global ambassadors Sandara Park and Nam Joohyuk last July 29 at

An episode of Hello Counselor, a South Korean reality show that invites regular people to help them take down communication barriers by sharing their life

In 2017, it was announced in MAMA Japan that there will be a new season of Produce 101. But instead of the usual “101”

Ho ho ho! Oh wait Christmas is over, but the new year is here! And with the arrival of the Year of the Monkey

Hello everyone and I’m back to answer another set of questions! In lieu of EXO’s upcoming concert early next year in Manila, some of

Hey guys! So let me share you a short story on how AskAya! came to be. My ask.fm is always filled with interesting questions,