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#NUESTSegnoinMNL included in NU’EST Segno Highlight Reel

NU'EST released a highlight reel of all of their stops for their Segno tour, and they included the Philippines!

NU’EST Segno in Manila: PH L.O.Λ.Es’ Happily Ever After

Photos by Andy Flores That moment when 여보세요 (Hello) resonated inside the SMART Araneta Coliseum was surreal. The song was a pivotal moment for NU’EST. Fans of the group since 2012 know that the...

A Song For You: Your NU’EST Segno in Manila Playlist for Every Mood

We are days away from NU'EST Segno in Manila, and we at KStreetManila are just as excited as you are! Having been in the K-Pop scene for seven years already, NU'EST has experimented...

This Month’s Beat: NU’EST

This Month's Beat is no new face in the K-Pop scene. In fact, they debuted along with immensely popular groups in 2012 such as EXO and B.A.P. However, it was only in...

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A Look at 10 of NCT 127’s Best B-Sides

On July 1, 2016, SM Entertainment introduced the second unit under the NCT umbrella. Called NCT 127, the numbers next to the group name...

Korean culture made accessible through KCC’s “Korea at Home” Campaign

This is a press release. Culture as a shared experience became one of the casualties of COVID-19’s onslaught around the world. But as the world...

VICTON to hold online concert for Asia fans

VICTON will be holding their first online concert for Asia fans on July 12.