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WATCH: Pinoy transforms into ideal “Oppa” in new Vice Asia feature

K-Drama is such a massive hit these days, most especially in the Philippines where its kilig-inducing scenes, heart-touching stories, and gorgeous leading men and women who are a sure charmer for many...

5 Reasons Why So Ji Sub is the Ultimate Oppa

So Ji Sub has the entire package to be considered the Ultimate Oppa. Here are 5 reasons why.

#KStreetHugot: “Advance Ako Mag-isip” Pinoy K-Pop Edition

You know this meme. At kung hindi mo pa alam, you're probably living under a rock (you can Google it and YouTube will be happy to let you know about it). Let's...

Korean Honorifics 101—Because Not All Boys Are Your “Oppa”

K-Dramas have always been the talk of the town. Literally everyone’s on their TVs or laptops, watching and streaming the newest and most popular K-Dramas released in the past three years at...

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