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Starting July 1, the Embassy of Korea will no longer issue visa labels on passports

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will no longer issue visa labels on visa applications processed in the Philippines starting July 1.

S. Korea Announces Visa-Free System for Group Tourists

Filipinos may soon be able to visit South Korea visa-less. However, the said privilege may be granted to group tourists for now. In an announcement posted on the website of Embassy of South...

S. Korea may allow 3-day visa-free stay for Filipinos in 2020

South Korea is planning to implement a policy in which Southeast Asians can stay visa-free for up to three days in the country!

South Korea to relax visa application requirements for Filipinos

People planning to travel to South Korea but are intimidated by the visa application process can breathe a sigh of relief. South Korean ambassador to the Philippines Han Dongman has announced that the...

PH, other Asian countries granted multiple-entry visas for Korea

Filipino nationals, as well as those from ten other Southeast and South Asian countries, can now receive multiple-entry visas for short-term visits to Korea starting December 3. The Korean Ministry of Justice listed...

Travel agencies to handle Korea visa applications starting July

Last March, The Korean Embassy in the Philippines announced that it will no longer be accepting walk-ins for visa applications. Instead, it will assign travel agencies that will accept applications for those...

Korean Embassy to select travel agencies for tourist visa applications

If you’re planning to travel to Korea in the future, here’s a head’s up: The Korean Embassy in the Philippines will no longer be accepting walk-ins for tourist visa applications. Instead, there will...

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